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Server Rules

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-Key Points-

1. Any of these rules are subject to change at any time. Please keep up to date with the concurrent rules set. There will be an announcement posted whenever there is a change

2. These rules are made surrounding common sense and will be judged with that in mind. If you think what you are doing is unfair or that someone else will complain about it, it is likely against the rules

3. There will be leniency in the rules if your actions are legitimate and fun for everyone participating within it (especially for RP). If people start complaining about what you are doing, you will likely be told off.

4. Adverting raids / muggings are optional. In the case of muggings, you still need to inform the player you are mugging via voice or text chat that you are mugging them. Make sure they are able to receive your communications. If the player you are mugging does not react to voice chat, try text chat and vice versa. (If you are being raided or mugged, you should call the police for help { /911 [message] } )

5. During the purge, any illegal activities are considered legal. That means that RDMing, mugging, and raids are legal and cops may not arrest for those activities. This does not mean that breaking server rules are allowed (Chat / voice spam, prop surfing etc.)


-General Rules-

1. The staff have the final say in all situations. Do not argue with them. If you feel that you were judged unfairly, visit the forums and make a post under Ban Appeals or Staff Report. (Whichever applies)

2. No cheats, exploits, external assistance, or third party programs allowed

3. Do not randomly kill other players (RDM)

4. You or your group may kill players who refuse to leave you or your group alone after being warned three times to go away. You must give the player at least 15 seconds to comply.

5. You may defend yourself or your group if you or your group are being attacked or stolen from. 

6. Do not use alts to evade punishments

7. Do not spam the camera (flash spam)

8. The default laws are always in effect whether or not there is a Mayor

9. Do not demote without a valid reason

10. Do not prop climb unless it is for the sole purpose of building

11. Do not attempt to crash the server

12. Do not prop surf

13. You may only Self Supply when there are no other merchants on


-Chat Rules-

1. Do not spam voice or text chat. This includes “@” chat

2. Police are not allowed to warrant someone based on their adverts

3. No excessive racial slurs


-Building Rules-

1. Do not trap other players within your base without properly kidnapping them

2. Do not build on the streets / in public areas. You may build up to the sidewalk of your owned property

3. Do not use props to hold entities out of reach of players

4. You may block off all entrances, as long as there is at least 1 entrance to access your building legitimately

5. Defenses must be built so that raiders are able to shoot back at you

6. You may claim an entire area as long as you are in a party of 5 or more

7. Do not use / create fully transparent props. Noticeable translucent props are allowed.

8. Do not create one ways. (Where you are able to see someone but they aren’t able to see you

9. Another player must be able to get into your base legitimately

Remember to place a building sign up in front of your building to stop people from raiding you while you build. (This can be done via the 3d2d Textscreen tool)


-Keypad / Fading Doors-

1. Keypads must have a hold length of at least 5 seconds

2. Keypads must be visible and near the door it fades

3. Do not abuse a fading door button during a raid. (Closing a fading door that was just unlocked)

4. You are allowed a max of 5 fading doors throughout an entire base (Fading door windows for service jobs do not apply here)



1. You may put up a KOS sign however, you may not set ridiculous restrictions or limitations.

2. KOS signs only apply to players that enter the confines of your base

3. Don’t put up a KOS sign and a building sign at the same time



1. If you die in a raid, you may not return to the raid. Only police are able to return and continue defending the PD from a raid after being killed.

2. You may not leave the general area of the base you are raiding. Doing so results in the raid being ended

3. You may not kill those who aren’t involved in the raid. If you are in the vicinity of a raid, you should give them ample room

4. You may not spawn or use props during a raid

5. You must wait at least 25 minutes before raiding the same base again.

6. Counter raids are not allowed.

7. You cannot raid the PD unless there are at least 3 Police officers



1. You may only mug a player for a maximum of $3,000

2. You may only mug players for money. You may not mug them for their items / weapons

3. You must be clear on who you are mugging, be sure to mention their name within voice and / or text chat

4. You must give ample time for someone to react. Some people may not know how to drop money (/dropmoney [amount])

5. You cannot apply ridiculous restrictions to your mugs

6. You cannot kill the player you are mugging if they pay the amount you are demanding

7. If you mug with a group, only one player may demand payment

8. You may only mug the same person once every 30 minutes


-Kidnapping Rules-

1. You are allowed to (illegally) kidnap a player, forcing them to comply with your rules and follow you to your base.

2. You may only kidnap one player at a time. (No matter how many people you have) This does not mean that you can't have multiple people kidnapped in your base, but that you can only bring one person back at a time! 

3. You may hold a player hostage and charge ransom for their release, or (illegally) auction them off to other players. You may also execute the hostage if no one is willing to buy the kidnapped player

4. You may not force a player to RDM or FailRP

5. You may resist a kidnapping

6. You may only hold a person for a maximum of 7 minutes

7. You may not kidnap the same player for 30 minutes

8. You may not kidnap another player for 15 minutes after finishing a kidnap


-Warrant Rules-

1. You must have a valid reason to issue or accept a search warrant or a warrant for a player’s arrest

2. When a player's "warrant" expires, you may not "re-warrant" them. However, if the player is seen doing an illegal activity again, you may re-want them. 

Seeing printers, witnessing a raid or a mugging or any other illegal activities that are set by the mayor can be warranted for


-Police Department (PD)-

1. Only the Mayor is allowed to build within the PD

2. By default, the lobby of the PD is public. Going beyond the second door, and through any doors past the lobby of the PD is AOS. 

3. Keep the front door of the PD unlocked whenever possible.



1. You may not demote people randomly or for false reasons

2. You may demote someone if they aren’t doing their job properly

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